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Siloanlagen - Produktgerechte SilosSilo installations - Fitting to the productInstallations des silosInstalaciones de silos - Silos adecuados para los productos
solids solutions group

Silo installations - Fitting to the product

A safe silo operation is important for a reliable production and preservation of the product quality. The following problems may require a solution:

  • Irregular material flow
  • Fast flow
  • Segregation
  • Particle degradation
  • Different retention times
  • Solidification over storage time / residues
  • Bridging
  • Formation of a central shaft


In order to avoid such problems in case of unknown and critical products our silos are designed in accordance to the Jenike procedure. Being familiar with your product, we will apply our proven silo design.

Depending on the material flow during discharge it can be distinguished:

Mass flow – during the product discharge the entire silo content is moving
Core (central) flow – only partial sections of the bulk solids are moving 

A mass flow silo has - due to thicker walls and a steeper outlet cone - , larger investment costs compared to a core flow silo. At equal storing capacity it is also higher than a core flow silo.

Therefore a mass flow silo solves all above mentioned problems – irregular material flow, fast flow, large range of retention time and solidification over storage time – in a reasonable manner.

The mentioned characteristics of the flow conditions result in the relation shown in the diagram.

The criteria for that are the product properties and the requirements imposed to the storing process. 

Which bin shape is reasonable?
It has to be chosen between a round and a square bin design considering the costs, the bin construction material and the requirement to store a miximum of product in a minimum of volume. The round bin is first of all cheaper while the square/rectangular bin offers a maximum of storage volume. 

The selected geometrical design of the silo outlet is essential for the discharge behavior of the bin.

Asymmetric outlet cones offer better discharge properties than symmetric outlets. A slot - shaped outlet cone could improve additionally the discharging behavior compared to a circular one. However, these special cones require more height and make the storage bins more expensive.

At the selection of the silo design it has always to be found a compromise between the required process technology, the site conditions and the resulting costs.

Storage of hygroscopic materials:

The air filled volume above of the bulk solid inside of the silo is named „head space“. During storage this air is taking up humidity or is releasing it by condensation (day/night). The humidity transfer must be avoided, particularly in case of hygroscopic products. The humid air is therefore aspirated  from the silo head space, then carried by a pipe to a dryer unit and returned to the head room after drying.