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Pneumatische SilobefüllungPneumatic filling of silosRemplissage pneumatique du siloLlenado neumático del silo
solids solutions group

Pneumatic filling of silos

Most bulk solids are supplied by silo truck or railcar and have to be unloaded at the customer’s site into a storage silo. In most cases the conveying into the silo is made pneumatically. The following systems are available: 

solids truck discharger


  • The compressed air for conveying is generated by the compressor unit on board of the truck.
  • The vessel of the silo truck or railcar constitutes the pressure vessel.

Used for standard applications, i.e.:

  • No special requirements to the conveying quality
  • Pipe length (horizontal + vertical)  < 50 meters

Typical unloading capacities up to:

  • 16 m³/h at a conveying pipe of DN 80
  • 28m³/h at a conveying pipe of DN 100

  • Larger pipe diameters are not reasonable as usually the capacity of the on-board compressors is not sufficient. 

    System components:
  • local opeartion cabinet
  • truck coupling with limit switch
  • shut-off valve in the conveying pipe
  • conveying pipe system
  • level probes  for high and low level
  • safety devices for vacuum and overpressure
  • dedusting filter

solids Puls-Pneu-Truckdischarger


  • The compressed air supplied by the truck’s on-board system is supported by compressed air from the plant net (high conveying capacity) or completely substituted (for gentle unloading without segregation).
  • The vessel of the silo truck or the railcar constitutes the pressure vessel


  • conveying without segregation is required (e.g. for premixes or final products)
  • particle degradation has to be minimized (e.g. for sodium percarbonate, structured sand)
  • for very high unloading capacities up to 115 m³/h
  • for very long conveying distances up to 300 m
  • if no on-board compressor is available (e.g. at railcars)

The PULSE-PNEU truck discharger consists of the basic components of the solids truck discharger extended by:

  • the air supply for silo truck or railcar for a controlled feed of the air,
  • the impulse valve to generate material plugs and intermediate air cushions
  • the relay stations with bypass system to avoid clogging and to ensure a gentle conveying without segregation
  • increase of pipe diameter along the conveying run for an extremely gentle conveying without segregation