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Patentierte PfropfenförderungPatented pneumatical plug conveyingPatenté Transport Pneumatique par séquencePatentado transporte neumatico por cartuchos
solids solutions group

Patented pneumatical plug conveying solids PULS PNEU

In 1970 H.J. Linder’s German patent DE-PS 2-122858 described a complete procedure for pneumatical plug conveying for the first time. It features an impulse valve which forms plugs and a secondary feed line with so called relay stations to maintain the plugs and continue their transport without dispersing them.
For about 40 years the solids solutions group has planned and built over 1000 systems based on this patent for thousands of different products in all European countries, the USA, Japan and India.

The innovative and key characteristics were and still are

  • virtually infinite conveying methods and capacities
  • no blockage at slow speeds and large loading (µ = kg material/kg air, gas)
  • slow, gentle conveying from approximately 0,5 m/sec
  • almost nonwearing - even for extremely firm and abrasive bulk solids e.g. silicon carbide or grinding material
  • hardly any grain destruction and minimal abrasion of supersensitive products e.g. spray granulate
  • no decomposition with mixtures and processed masses
  • low energy costs due to an efficient use of the pressure energy
    reliable operating procedures even with damp, cohesive, sticky or poorly flowing bulk goods