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ReferenzlösungenReference solutionsSolutions de référenceReferencias de soluciones experimentadas
solids solutions group

Reference solutions

More than 10.000 orders have been realised by us in Europe and overseas. Uncountable bulk solids have been examined in our test facilities on industrial scale. The results of these tests and from our industrial installations render us the necessary safety in design and realisation of new installations. 

We have compiled for you the following reference solutions as "News":


Processing plant for mineral resources

Engobe and glaze preparation

Fully automatic material feeding for preparation processes in the foodstuff industry


Automatic mixer feeding for the production of ceramic masses

Automatic reactor filling below liquids level

Automatic Feed of Rubber Kneaders

Automatic feed of mixers from silos, Big-Bags and sacks

Automatic formulation mixer filling with major and mid-amount components for producing emulsion paint

Automatic mixer filling with major, minor and smallest components and dyes

Mixer loading out of containers

Highly accurate agitator feeding with strong cohesive bulk materials from big bags and sacks


Automatic metering and buffering of mid-amount components from silos, Big-Bags and sacks

Conveying and metering with screws

High Precision System for Metering and Transfer of minor components

Metering with differential metering scales in pressurised system

Metering —high-precision in the smallest space

Vacuum-Conveying Balance for large batches


Direct milk powder silo-truck filling with solids PulsPneu conveying system in Hygienic Design

Conveying and metering with screws

Convey heavy and cohesive bulk solids operationally reliable and economically

Enzymes and percarbonat – pneumatically conveyed, which is gentle on the product

Filling of bagging automats or silo vehicles by pneumatic conveyor lines

Gentle pneumatic conveyance SOLIDS-PULSE-PNEU and metering of coarse-grained products

Granulate pneumatically conveyed, as gentle as possible

Pneumatic conveying of crystal sugar - without particle degradation and without loss of gloss

Pneumatic conveying of superfine hydroxides, storage as well as discharge and filling into Big-Bags or lorries