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solids solutions group


solids Discharging devices

Aeration Bottom  FLC-Basic

Aeration Bottom FLK-Basic

Aeration Bottom FLK-Clean

Aeration Channel ADS-Basic

Aeration Channel ADS-Clean

Aeration Pad ADF-Clean

Aeration Stick FLS-Clean

Hopper with agitator BAR-Basic

Hopper with agitator BAR-Clean

Vibration Bin Discharger EVK-Basic

Vibration Bin Discharger EVK-Clean

Vibration Bin Discharger EVK-Hygienic-Dry

Vibration Cone EVS-Basic

Vibration Cone EVS-Clean

Vibration Cone EVS-Hygienic-Dry


solids Conveying screws

Trough Screw Conveyor DST-Clean

Trough Screw Conveyor DST-Heavy


solids Filling devices

Big-Bag Filling Device BFA-01-Basic

Big-Bag Filling Device BFA-02-Hygienic

Big-Bag Filling Device BFM-Basic

Big-Bag Filling Device BFM-Hygienic

Filling Chute open loading TLB-Basic

Filling Chute TLC-Basic

Filling Chute TLC3-Basic

Filling Chute TLC3-Clean


solids Emptying devices

Big-Bag-Discharger BAB-C-Basic

Big-Bag-Discharger BAB-C-Clean

Big-Bag-Discharger BBD-V-Basic

Big-Bag-Discharger BBD-V-Clean

Big-Bag-Discharger BBD-W-Basic

Big-Bag-Discharger BBD-W-Clean

Container-Discharger CVD-Basic

Sack-Discharger SMS-Basic

Sack-Discharger SMS-Clean

Sack-Discharger SMS-Hygienic-Dry


solids Pneumatic conveyors - Pressure

Centri-Clamp Connection PCC-Hygienic

Conveying elbow CEB-Heavy

Conveying elbow CNC-Hygienic-Dry

Conveying elbow CNC-Hygienic-Wet

Straight conveying pipe PST-Hygienic-Dry

Straight conveying pipe PST-Hygienic-Wet

Impulse Valve VIC-Hygienic

Impulse Valve VIM-Basic

Impulse Valve VIM-Clean

Pneumatic Sender PHP-Heavy_PHV_PHS_PIVS

Pneumatic Sender PIP-Basic_PIV_PIS_PIVS

Pneumatic Sender PIP-Clean_PIV_PIS_PIVS

Pneumatic Sender PIP-Hygienic-Dry_PIV_PIS_PIVS

Pneumatic Sender PIP-Hygienic-Wet_PIV_PIS_PIVS

Relaystation ERC-Hygienic

Relaystation ERF-Basic

Relaystation ERF-Clean


solids Pneumatic Installations

Pneum. installation, Ventilation, secondary line PBA-Basic

Pneum. installation, Ventilation, secondary line PBA-Clean


solids Diverters

Multi-Way Diverter MWW-Basic

Multi-Way Diverter MWW-Heavy

Two-Way-Diverter with Ball Valve DAK-Basic

Two-Way-Diverter with Ball Valve DAK-Clean

Two-Way-Diverter with Pinch Valve DAQ-Basic

Two-Way-Diverter with Pinch Valve DAQ-Clean


solids Pneumatic conveyors - Suction

Vacuum Batch Conveyor VacuFill TSF-Clean

Vacuum Batch Conveyor VacuFill TSF-Hygienic-Dry

Suction pot VSH-Hygienic


solids Metering equipment

Dosing Screw DSC-Basic

Dosing Screw DSC-Clean

Dosing Screw DSC-Hygienic

Dosing Screw Batch DSCB-Basic

Dosing Screw Batch DSCB-Clean

Dosing Screw Batch DSCB-Hygienic

Dosing Screw DSR-Basic

Dosing Screw DSR-Clean

Microfeeding Rotary Valve MDS-Basic

Precision Dosing Equipment PreciDos DSA-Clean

Vibration Dosing Screw DSV-Basic

Vibration Dosing Screw DSV-Clean

Vibration Dosing Screw DSV-Hygienic

Vibration Dosing Screw Batch DSVB-Basic

Vibration Dosing Screw Batch Batch DSVB-Clean

Vibration Dosing Screw Batch DSVB-Hygienic


solids Weighing equipment

Loss-In-Weight Scales DiffDos LWS-Hygienic-Dry

Hopper scale BSG-Basic

Hopper scale BSG-Clean

Rotating Bowl Scale GiroScale GSC-Clean

Vacuum Scale SVG-13-Basic

Vacuum Scale SVG-13-Clean


solids Rotary valves

Blow Through Rotary Valve DBS-Basic

Blow Through Rotary Valve DBS-Clean

Self Cleaning Rotary Valve RRS-Basic

Self Cleaning Rotary Valve RRS-Clean

Self Cleaning Rotary Valve RRS-Heavy-HT

Rotary Valve SRVC-Basic

Rotary Valve SRVC-Clean

Rotary Valve SRVS-Basic

Rotary Valve SRVS-Clean

Rotary Valve SRVS-Hygienic

Rotary Valve / Protective System SRVP-Basic

Rotary Valve / Protective System SRVP-Clean

Rotary Valve / Protective System SRVP-Hygienic

Rotary Valve ZRSS-Basic

 Rotary Valve ZRSS-Clean

 Rotary Valve ZRSC-Clean

Rotary Valve ZRSW-Basic

Rotary Valve ZRSW-Clean

Rotary Valve ZRSR-Basic

Rotary Valve ZRSR-Clean


solids Locking valves


Double Segment Locking Valve BPP-D-Heavy

Single Segment Locking Valve BPP-S-Heavy

Butterfly Valve DKA-Basic

Butterfly Valve DKA-Clean

Butterfly Valve DKA-D-Clean

Butterfly Valve DKH-Basic

Butterfly Valve DKH-Clean

Butterfly Valve DKH-Hygienic

Disc Valve DKA-Hygienic

Pivoting Shutter SSP-Heavy

Slide Gate FSE-Basic

Slide Gate  FSH-Basic

Slide Gate  FSH-Clean

Slide Gate FSP-Basic

Slide Gate FSP-Clean


solids Diverters

Diverter Flap VDP-01-Basic

Diverter Flap VDP-03-Basic

Diverter Flap VDP-45-Basic

Diverter Flap VDP-90-Basic


solids Lump crushers

Lump Crusher K1C-Basic

Lump Crusher K1C-Clean

Lump Crusher K1G-Basic

Lump Crusher K1G-Clean

Lump Crusher K2-Basic

Lump Crusher K2-Clean

Lump Crusher K3R-Heavy


solids Filters

Filter RCF-Clean

Filter RCF-Hygienic-Dry

Police Filter FPO-Clean


solids Connecting units

Expansion Joint universal EPJ-01-Hygienic

Expansion Joint universal EPJ-02-Hygienic