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Pneumatische FördergerätePneumatic conveyorsTransporteurs pneumatiquesTransportadores neumáticos
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Pneumatic conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors as pneumatic transmitters, blow though rotary valves, vacuum batch conveyors Vacu-Fill, diverters and pipeline parts, are used in pneumatic conveying systems. Pneumatic conveying systems and pneumatic conveyors are used depending on the different bulk properties such as grain size, bulk density, moisture and temperature, and the customer requirements and boundary conditions. Pneumatic conveyors are used at dense phase- as well as at dilute phase conveying systems in pressure or vacuum operation. Pressure systems are chosen favourably for tasks with one collection point and several to many receiving stations. Suction systems are preferred, if it has to be conveyed from several collection points to one receiving center. Pneumatic conveyors are used both in the heavy industry in mild steel as well as in the fine chemical industry in stainless steel applications.


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