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DosiererDosing devicesDispositifs de dosageDispositivos de dosificación
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Dosing devices

Dosing devices are used for 1. Filling the metering unit, resp. drawing product from store2. Discharging the metering device, e.g. chambers, pockets, or cells, and supplying a fixed product quantity to the downstream process. The objective of the using dosing devices is a high volumetric metering accuracy, as well as continuity and reproducibility. Ideally, this objective is achieved by 100% filling and then 100% discharging isolated metering units. Both volumetric and gravimetric dosing devices are offered by the solids solutions group depending on product characteristics, operating conditions and the type of task. Typical examples for volumetric dosing devices are rotary valves, dosing screws and self cleaning rotary valves and for gravimetric dosing equipment these are for example loss-in-weight-feeders. The product programme of dosing devices is continually developed further by the solids solutions group.


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