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solids solutions group

BigBag Emptying

Bulk solids are discharged from: BigBags, containers, sacks, or barrels. The reliable and usable complete solution provides Bigbag attachment, dustproof connection, emptying and integrated control. During BigBag emptying the container to be discharged is moved into a suitable position. Then the solid goods are discharged, either by free-fall or using a discharging device or metering device. Frequently during BigBag emptying, a discharging tool is required to facilitate product flow and to ensure a complete discharge. The solids solutions group offers proven solutions for BigBag emptying as well as for the emptying out of containers, sacks or bins. The product range re. BigBag emptying contains BigBag dischargers with dustproof docking, BigBag dischargers with buffer tank and BigBag sack dischargers.


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