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BefülleinrichtungenFilling devicesÉquipements de remplissageDispositivos de llenado
solids solutions group

solids Filling devices

Bulk solids are filled into or conveyed to specialised vehicles, big bags / freight containers, barrels or other units.

Filling is often combined with weighing and metering. Precision - i.e., the correct detection of the filled weight - reproducibility and metering control are crucial here. Usability is also a key issue.

The filling process can be fully automated through a complete electrical and pneumatic installation with integrated control.



Detailed specifications can be found in the DATASHEETS

Filling Chutes Type TLB

For dustfree loading of bulk solids out of silos or processes into trucks or railway carriage.


Filling Chute Type TLB

Filling Chute Type TLC

Dust-free loading of bulk solids from silos or processes to lorries or railway cars. Particularly suitable for abrasive products.


Filling Chute Type TLC


Filling Chute open loading TLB-Basic

Filling Chute TLC-Basic

Filling Chute TLC3-Basic

Filling Chute TLC3-Clean

Big-Bag Filling Device Type BFA

Dustfree filling of all kinds of big-bags, optional
modules like cross lifting table, compactor,
dusttight docking, scale and control.


Big-Bag Filling Device Type BFA

Datasheet Big-Bag Filling Device BFA-01-Basic

Datasheet Big-Bag Filling Device BFA-02-Hygienic

Drum Filling Device

Dustfree filling of drums and other packages, optional modules for weighing, compacting, locking.


Drum Filling Device

Packing stations

Filling of small-sized packages and minimum-sized packages with highest accuracy and reproducibility


Packing stations