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solids solutions group

Testing facilities for trials with bulk solids

Due to the great number of industrial made bulk solids and their multiple properties the safe design of a plant requires - besides of  the broad experience gained from realized installations – oftenly additional investigations and trials with bulk solids.

For this the solids solution group disposes two test houses located in Landsberg am Lech (Germany) and Zarautz (Spain). 

These plants allow to perform also for complex tasks tests in industrial scale. There is also executed the testing work being necessary for the further development of processes, components and elements.

A lot of different testing devices are available to support our core competencies.

  • Investigations on time induced solidification during storage inside of silos and bins
  • Vibratory discharge aid system Extra–VIB
  • Emptying and filling of Big-Bags with difficult materials
  • Feeding by pneumatic pressure vessels with different sizes
  • Feeding by rotary valves
  • Conveying distances up to 180 m
  • Plug conveying with bypass with overpressure or by vacuum
  • Dense-phase conveying, with overpressure or by vacuum
  • Dilute-phase conveying
  • Metering and transfer system VACU-FILL
  • weighed pneumatic pressure vessels and receiving bins
  • metering screws
  • metering rotary valves


These far-reaching testing possibilities do not only enable us to create the basis for a safe design of your plant, but also to support you by feasibility studies on new production methods or on the optimization of your production processes.

You’re kindly invited to refer to us!