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solids solutions group

Detergents and Body care

Pneumatic dry-cleaning for bulk solid systems free of contamination solids® Dry Cip

  • dry system cleaning with compressed air jets
  • high cost saving due to automatic cleaning procedure
  • avoiding of known follow-on costs of wet cleaning
  • no pollution of health and environment due to cleaning process with closed system


Pneumatic dry-cleaning for bulk solid systems free of contamination solids® Dry Cip

Silo vehicle unloading of sensitive granulates without particle degradation and fine particles

Das Pulse-Pneu Förderverfahren
  • Preservation of the particles and thereby the product quality
  • Applying the Pulse-Pneu conveying method for unloading the silo vehicles as well as for the pneumatic conveying to the reception point.

Granulate pneumatically conveyed, as gentle as possible

Storage of percarbonat in special silos and pneumatic conveyance, which is extremely gentle on the product

  • Secure storage in special silos with sun protection and temperature monitoring. Steady temperature in the silo, no contact with atmospheric air, no contamination
  • Extremely gentle pneumatic conveyance of the granulate without damaging the shell by means of the Pulse-Pneu conveying method
  • Vacuum slow conveyance "solids-Vacu-Dense" for preventing abrasion and particle degradation
  • Protection of the operating personnel by a closed system

Enzymes and percarbonat – pneumati-cally conveyed, which is gentle on the product

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